Measuring device for oncological tumor research

Introducing the Peira TM900: the smart new handheld imaging device which measures subcutaneous tumors in immuno-deficient mice. The Peira TM900 is a fast, reliable and powerful solution for the measurement of tumors. And it's a real game-changer for oncological animal research.

tm900The Peira TM900's innovative design makes it:

  • Smart
    The handheld imaging device is light and captures tumor images in stereovision.
  • Flexible
    It can adapt to measure tumors of different sizes.
  • Easy-to-use
    The panel pc can be operated via touch screen and with latex gloves, which is very practical for researchers.
  • Powerful
    The integrated software package allows researchers to automate not only tumor data collection but the whole animal research study.
  • Practical
    The touch screen and the whole set up can easily be cleaned.

The Peira TM900 guarantees high-throughput. It has the accuracy, speed and reliability you would expect of a fully automated measurement and tracking system. It has the convenience of real-time data processing and analysis. And thanks to its smart design, the Peira TM900 increases the productivity and efficiency of the measurement process.

Customer value:

Quote :

“Caliper based tumor measurements can have issues with operator bias. Peira’s TM 900 contactless tumor volume measurement device is a faster and more accurate operator independent technology. The ability to electronically capture every raw image, together with a reference grid , coupled with easy transfer of raw data to standard data visualisation packages should offer major advantages over current methods.”


By :
Timothy Perera, PhD
Scientific Director and Janssen Fellow,
Discovery Leader Long Tumor Stronghold
Janssen Pharmaceutica

Janssen pharmaceutica


Customer research:

The Peira TM900 is cited in Science magazine, publication Mu et al.,Science 2017 355, aah4307, 6 January 2017 : SOX2 promotes lineage plasticity and antiandrogen resistance in TP53- and RB1-deficient prostate cancer. The tumor measurement system Peira TM900 was used to measure tumor size during the in vivo xenograft experiments on castrated male SCID mice.



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