Reactors, magnetic drives and stirrers

Posted on 5 April 2019

In recent years Peira has produced laboratory reactors for a few of their customers.
They are built in RSV and Hastelloy with volumes ranging from 60 to 400ml and pressure up to 120bar.
They have up to 6 ports, or more on request, and are compatible to standard workstations.
Building on their experience, Peira can develop and built other customized reactors.

Recently Peira also developed a magnetic drive and full stirrer assemblies.
The Magdrive, combined with a customised motor and stirrer offers a cost effective, liquid and gas leakage proof solution.
They can be customized and are compatible to standard reactors and workstations.
For reactors as well of the Magdrives, Peira is now ready to go to market and serve a broad range of customers.