Peira partner in FliACT

Posted on 19 January 2012

Peira is partner in the “Marie-Curie Training Network FliACT” and will build new assays to study sensory behaviors.

The Marie Curie Research Training Network FLiACT will start on the 1st of January 2012 and will run for four years, supported by the European Commission. This initiative will host 12 Ph.D. students. The FLiACT fellows will seek to elucidate how neural circuit computation directs stereotypical behaviours and how circuit-function relationships are genetically encoded.

Research will be conducted in 8 European academic laboratories and 3 private companies (SMEs), among which Peira.

Each partner is specialized in a different field of neurobiology. Through collaborative projects, visitor exchanges and workshops, the FLiACT fellows will have the opportunity to receive theoretical and practical training in disciplines as diverse as molecular and behavioural neurogenetics, electrophysiology and bioengineering. The fellows will benefit from career mentoring from the FLiACT community to increase their career prospects in both the academic and the private sectors.

Each fellow will be enrolled in the international Ph.D. programme associated with the host institute or in collaboration with a local university.

The FLiACT is an equal opportunity initiative committed to promote gender balance in science. Applications from non-EU members are welcome. Citizens and long-term residents of European countries may not be eligible to apply in the institution of their home country (for additional information, see full conditions of eligibility). Fluency in English is required.