Peira launches web site about subcutaneous tumor or xenograft volume measurements

Posted on 19 December 2019

With Peira has launched a new web site with more information about the measurement of tumor volumes.

The site summarizes advantages of the TM900 as a direct optical 3D measurement instrument over the traditionally used calipers. “ is a new web site launched by Peira. Traditionally and since the start of their use in oncology research, the volume growth of xenografts or subcutaneous tumors in small rodents has been monitored by using a traditional mechanical caliper. With the TM900 Peira has developed a direct optical 3D volume measurement tool. The new web site summarizes a comparison between both methods, listing the advantages of the new digital imaging 3D methodology over the traditionally used mechanical calipers measurements. The site also lists several publications where the TM900 is used to monitor volume changes.