New CEO of Peira as of 1th of April, 2018

Posted on 16 March 2018

Peira is a strong believer in open innovation and partnerships along its value chain.

In order to assure future profitable growth, capture new business opportunities and in order to capitalize on its strengths as a life science research technology partner, the company has appointed Luc Sneyders as CEO of Peira as of 1th of April, 2018. Luc Sneyders will take over the operational responsibilities of Hans Nicasy, who will remain closely involved in the company as a shareholder and director of Peira.

Luc Sneyders is also the managing director of Exmore a Belgian based technology company with whom Peira shares skills, competences and production and design capacity.

Peira develops, makes and maintains unique tools and instruments for biopharmaceutical research.