Project Manager

Posted on 3 May 2017

Peira is looking for an entrepreneurial service/project manager. He will be responsible for supporting, participating in and  implementing service and project assignments.

Areas of responsibility :

  • Formulation of technical solutions and development of action plans for technical engineering projects.
  • Team member in larger projects and taking responsibility for smaller service and project tasks.
  • Important role in communicating with customers about project status, possible bottlenecks, technical problems  and issues.
  • Responsible for the coordination of several technicians, partners, colleagues and suppliers involved in the project and/or technical issue to be solved.
  • Provides input for technical specifications  and is responsible for providing all necessary documentation (plans, drawings, installation and operation manuals).
  • Supervision of conformity with respect to health, environment and safety regulations, as applicable.
  • Maintains contacts with potential and strategically important customers.


  • You will be based in Belgium, but with sporadic international exposure related to installations, startups or specific customer contacts.
  • Continuous improvement oriented with respect to design methodologies and new technological processes.
  • Reports to Senior Management.
  • Manages subcontractors.

Skills, competences, education:

Master preferably with a minimum of 5 years’ service/engineering experience in  similar markets.

Knowledgeable or experienced and interested in  at least one of the following competences-areas:

  • ICT – PLC – LabView
  • Vision ( Macro ) (Photonics) (Optics)
  • Electronics
  • Motion control ( Mechatronics)

Languages : Dutch, English, French, (German)