Electromechanical Design Engineer

Posted on 29 June 2017

Peira is looking for an entrepreneurial electromechanical design engineer. He will be responsible for supporting, participating in and  implementing service and project assignments.

Areas of responsibility :

  • Responsible for the mechanical design, validation and documentation of new systems or subsystems for scientific instruments and accessories (for example test tube holders), with the researcher’s needs as starting point.
  • Selection, specification and documentation of the components that have to be integrated in the proposed design.
  • Frequent contact with the customer (researchers) and technical negotiations with your suppliers.
  • Participation in the installation and testing of the new equipment/apparatus at the customer’s premises.


  • You will be based in Belgium, but with sporadic international exposure related to installations, startups or specific customer contacts.
  • Continuous improvement oriented with respect to design methodologies and new technological processes.
  • Reports to Senior Management.

Skills, competences, education:

  • Master preferably with a minimum of 5 years working experience in  similar markets.
  • Experienced Solid Works user or eager to learn.
    • Knowledgeable, experienced or interested in  at least one of the following competences-areas:
    • ICT – PLC – LabView
    • Vision ( Macro ) (Photonics) (Optics)
    • Electronics
    • Motion control ( Mechatronics)
  • Languages : Dutch, English, (French), (German)